Sunday, February 14, 2010


She was a star, with a passion for bright colours, her hands beautifully decorated the classrooms, hallways, and the auditorium. Monday afternoon, I reminder her, “Don’t come late dear, If you are late, I won't let you sign tomorrow." She grinned and walked away quickly. Was she so hurry to leave us? As always, Tuesday she was late. But she was late than expected, I tried to reach her but cell phone was switched off. As a blow the news reached us, she is admitted in the hospital, fire accident. Senior staff's in the school left to the hospital, desperate moments of anxiety... The one and only person who can give us the truth was also in serious condition. Truth was hard to accept, 95% burn, no hope, unless any miracle happens! Prayed for that miracle to happen, just give her back to the two little kids who need her badly more than anyone else in the world. Signals were bad and no miracle happened, she left us after a week of suffering.. Exactly a week before the tragedy, she invited us home. I couldn’t make it at that time but had to visit her residence after her death to collect some school properties. Her paintings adorned the walls; on the dining table she left an incomplete English assessment paper, register and files. Days, months and years passed by, unforgettably your smile remains within me.

After a busy day outside I was returning home. The bus was almost full. Most of the passengers were engaged in their own thoughts. The window seat was so comfortable, I took it and was nice to watch the world running behind. Suddenly, the ring of my mobile took back me to the senses.. "Unknown Number" Incertitude about the identity of the caller, it took a while for me to say hello. Shocking news came as a blow... "She lost her son,” and that was it. The phone was dead on the other end. In my mind there came a picture of a mom, with prayers standing helplessly in front of ICU waiting for her son's good news. The days of joy flashed into my mind, where we laughed and cheered for nothing. Together we learned, laughed, played and exchanged our future dreams inside our cozy hostel room. Now, alone in the dark she wipes her tears..

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